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2022-09-03 05:05:37 By : Ms. Ann Yang

A mum accused of running down her husband and his alleged mistress repeatedly punched the other woman in the head, a court heard.

The alleged mistress of a cheating husband, who was allegedly run down by the man’s wife in her BMW, has told a jury she believed the married couple were “separated” at the time of the incident.

Zowie Noring and David Larkin both faced intense grillings by defence counsel Penny White as Christie Lee Kennedy’s trial continued in Brisbane District Court.

Ms Kennedy, Mr Larkin’s ex-wife, is accused of hitting the pair with her car in Brisbane’s northside in March last year, with the jury being told the pair “were hit and rolled off the bonnet”.

At the start of her trial on Monday, she pleaded not guilty to charges of malicious act with intent to disable.

On Tuesday, a neighbour who lives on the street of the alleged incident gave evidence she heard a “bang” before seeing a blonde woman “waving her arms and yelling” at someone.

She said another woman was “on all fours” in the middle of the road and “didn’t look very well”.

CCTV footage was also played to the court, showing the moment the white BMW SUV collided with the victims.

Audible gasps were heard from members of the public gallery as the pair is seen rolling over the car’s bonnet and onto the road, before the white car drives off.

Ms Noring gave evidence that she last remembered hearing a car “accelerate” and wondering what the driver was doing before blacking out.

She told the court that when she regained consciousness, she saw a woman’s legs before she was grabbed and punched “multiple” times in the back of the head.

“I was being called ‘You’re a f**king fat moll’,” Ms Noring said.

“After the punching had ceased, I saw David lying on the road with his arm out, almost like he was reaching for me.

The prosecutor said Kennedy allegedly accelerated her BMW SUV onto the wrong side of the road, ploughing into the pair who rolled off the bonnet onto the road.

The Crown contends Ms Kennedy used her white BMW to hit Mr Larkin and Ms Noring as they met near a park on March 19, 2021.

Ms Noring was then allegedly assaulted by Ms Kennedy, with the jury being told she was throwing punches to the back of the woman’s head and screaming profanities like “slut” and “fat moll”.

While Ms Kennedy has admitted to assaulting Ms Noring after the crash, her defence counsel has argued that she did not intend to hit and disable Mr Larkin and Ms Noring.

Ms Noring was cross-examined over her friendship with the married couple, including how she added them on the messaging service Snapchat.

Ms Noring said she understood Mr Larkin and his wife were separated by March 19.

She gave evidence he had told her before that they were separated or “in the process” of separating.

Crown prosecutor Jennifer O’Brien asked Ms Noring if she could tell Ms Kennedy’s “emotional state” at the time of the alleged attack.

“I would assume she was angry,” Ms Noring replied.

“Why did you make that assumption, what did you observe?” Ms O’Brien continued.

Ms Noring told the court: “Usually when someone punches someone, they’re angry.”

The jury had earlier been told Mr Larkin and Ms Kennedy had been married for nine years, but their relationship soured in late 2020.

Photographs of Ms Noring’s damaged and dented car were shown to the court.

Ms White also continued her cross-examination of Mr Larkin by asking him about the night before the incident.

The day before, Mr Larkin said he and Ms Noring were “having an affair” and had been intimate on one occasion.

Ms Larkin gave evidence that his wife asked him if he contacted Ms Noring about looking for work.

“You never told Christie you were talking to Zowie because you needed someone to talk to,” Ms White said.

“You can suggest it,” Mr Larkin responded.

Mr White suggested he turned off his phone while heading to the park because he did not want Ms Kennedy to call him or know he was seeing Ms Noring.

But Mr Larkin rejected the suggestions, saying his phone battery frequently ran flat.

“So every time you went (there) … it happened to go flat?” Ms White asked.

“I can’t recall,” Mr Larkin answered.

Mr Larkin was asked if he remembered hearing his wife ask “Dave, are you OK?” after the incident.

“She asked something, yes … my ears were ringing, I could hear bits and pieces,” he said.

“I remember hearing my name, seeing her mouth move. She could have possibly said that.”

Mr Larkin said he could not recall if he said “I can’t believe you did that to me” to Ms Kennedy and if she responded with “I’m sorry, but I can’t believe you did that to me either”.

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