Exan Showcases Three New Exhaust Systems For The Kawasaki Z900

2022-09-03 05:10:38 By : Ms. Apple Wang

I don’t think I know a single inline-four motorcycle owner who hasn’t swapped out their exhaust for an aftermarket system. I mean, I don’t blame them, as four-cylinder bikes just sound really good, and are the stereotypical engine noise associated with racing. Needless to say, all the multi-cylinder bikes I’ve owned have been fitted with a full exhaust-system, too. Well, Kawasaki Z900 owners have yet another option to choose from.

The Kawasaki Z900 is one of the most accessible four-cylinder bikes in the market right now—and with great value, too. In most markets, it’s priced similarly with the Honda CB650R, while packing substantially more performance. It’s not surprising at all that a ton of aftermarket accessories, yes, exhaust systems especially, have popped up left and right. From the bargain-bin Wish.com exhaust systems, to the eye-wateringly expensive full-systems from Akrapovic, let’s take a look at an exhaust system from the middle of the road, from Exan, an Italian exhaust manufacturer, with three new exhaust systems for the 2022 Z900.

For starters, the Carbon Cap Ovale is a standard-looking carbon-fiber exhaust system that maintains the naked streetfighter’s stock proportions. It flaunts a large silencer, and mounts directly onto the bike’s stock manifold. As a slip-on system, it doesn’t invalidate the bike’s Euro 5 certifications, which is nice for those who want to abide by the law, but add a little bit of sound to the equation. Exan is offering the Carbon Cap Ovale in a variety of finishes consisting of Carbon, Titanium, Light Satin Steel, and Black Satin Steel, for a price of 346.50 Euros.

Up next, the X-Black Oval unleashes a bit of a racing edge with a slimmer profile which resembles a racing exhaust system. It gets a carbon body with a narrower stainless steel tip, and is a slip-on system, just like the Carbon Cap Ovale. It’s also available in a variety of colors consisting of Carbon, Titanium, Light Satin Steel, and Black Satin Steel, and is a tad pricier at 355.50 Euros. Last but not least, the X-GP is the most affordable, and puts a retro-inspired twist on this modern naked bike. Similar to the X-Black Oval, albeit with a slightly slimmer profile, it’s available in all the same colors, and retails for 337.50 Euros.