From Arlington-Embossed Chairs to Silk Jockey Jackets, Arlington Racecourse Items Are Up For Auction – NBC Chicago

2022-09-03 05:08:08 By :

From box seat padded folding chairs embossed with the Arlington emblem, to silk jockey jackets and hats, to saddle towels, to dozens and dozens of outdoor chairs and tables, hundreds of nostalgic items from Arlington International Recourse are up for auction.

Part of a series, the auctions follow the racetrack's plan to liquidate its assets following its September 2021 closure that ended its near 100 years in business.

The same year the racetrack closed, the Chicago Bears reached an agreement to purchase it to use as a new stadium, despite having a lease at Soldier Field that currently runs through 2033.

Two events -- the fifth and sixth of "many events" are currently active, according to Grafe Auction, the house administering the online bidding.

Hundreds of items, including Arlington park-style benches, Arlington crest folding chairs and Arlington clothing, as well as keepsakes and furniture from the Governor's Room, the Cowboy Grille, the grand ballroom and more are available to win.

According to Grafe Auctions, Auction V is available for public preview and inspection on Sept. 6, and Auction VI is available for preview and inspection Sept. 12.

To place a bid, participants must create an account with Grafe Auction on its website, which can be done here.

Additional auction events will be posted at a later date.