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2022-09-24 08:49:19 By : Mr. Vinson Yang

A Hull mum was left 'mortified' when she spotted two women shopping in their pyjamas

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A Yorkshire mum said she was 'mortified' after spotting two women shopping in full pyjamas and dressing gown at 5pm in the afternoon.

It has always been a talking point on whether its dubbed appropriate to wear your pyjamas to the supermarket, but this Hull mum was 'mortified' by what she saw.

Just after 5pm, the mum spotted the two shoppers entering Asda in their dressing gowns, she said that it was a "bizarre" choice of attire for a food shop and would be "mortified" if someone saw her dressed the same, reports Hull Live.

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The Hull mum said: "I just popped into the little Asda on Beverley Road after work, it was just before 5pm and two women were walking towards the store in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. I couldn't believe it.

"If you are still in your pyjamas at that time of day that's your business but to go to the shops like that is just bizarre. I would be mortified if someone saw me out and about in my pyjamas. They didn't even look embarrassed or anything."

Another shopper, shared with Yahoo News, in Australia her similar views, she was also recently outraged to see a shopper in their dressing gown down the frozen aisle in the supermarket. The shopper sent a photograph to the news site complaining that "all dignity had gone out the window" because of their chosen outfit.

Although some may disagree with the pair's choice of attire, some argue there is no harm in what you wear.

One woman, Sophie Allen, took to TikTok to discuss the topic, she wrote on her video as she browsed the aisles of her local supermarket: "The hate you get being a female wearing a crop top in the supermarket just hits different."

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