kathy ireland® Shatters Licensing Glass Ceiling for Fashion Week. Brand Expands Apparel Presence: Multi-year renewal with PPI for kathy ireland® Sleepwear & Intimate Apparel, MIVI™, Ikeddi, Bagatelle International, Siskind, BHFO.com, Guild Consulting, Amerex, & Rylex LLC

2022-09-10 07:37:41 By : Ms. Mag Zheng

 LOS ANGELES , Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), acknowledged earlier this year as the "most valuable woman-owned licensing firm in American history" by WWD, is expanding the company's fashion presence with a stunning ensemble of licensing partners.

Kathy Ireland said, "Fashion Week illuminates such extraordinary memories. This is the ideal time to announce our growth in the category our company knows best. 7th Avenue and its leaders are home. We believe many will be surprised by the assortment of wonderful clients, put together for us by our astounding Lee Mandelbaum and his great team at Legacy Licensing and Price Point Buying. Great appreciation to Linda Mandelbaum of Rylex, whose brilliance is with us every step of the way. Congratulations and welcome, with special thanks to the Hanan family of PPI, for believing in us when few doors in apparel were open, as well as our initial and beloved partners John and Marilyn Moretz ."

Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry , Worldwide Creative Director and President / CMO for kiWW, respectively, said: "We could not be happier with the leaders in these industries. Kathy, in tandem with Rocco Ingemi , our EVP of Fashion & Fine Jewelry, cautioned patience as we quietly grew these categories with extraordinary people. This year, our brand was named the 19th most successful brand worldwide, as published by License Global. Kathy became the youngest woman to enter the Licensing Hall of Fame, as well as the youngest Icon in the Furniture Industry, awarded by the IHFRA (International Home Furnishings Representatives Association). Kathy serves on the Boards of Directors for the NFLPI and WNBPA, Board of Advisors for Serena Williams , International Youth Chair for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, with over 25 hospitals in their portfolio. Co-Founder of Providence , a Christian education program, serving students from pre to prep school. Kathy is a member of the James Madison Program at Princeton University and is a Major Donor and Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. In addition to becoming the first civilian to serve on the National Board of Gastroenterology and bring awareness to Sheba Medical Center, frequently referred to as Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv, Israel ; UCLA acknowledges Kathy as one of the top ten women's health advocates in America - an honor which came after Kathy's leadership in establishing neonatal intensive care units throughout America. Last year, Kathy's accomplishments were honored by the International Religious Freedom Award, and she works tirelessly for human rights advocacy, speaking to the world from platforms as diverse as the United Nations, Forbes Global Conferences and educational forums including Harvard University . Kathy speaks many languages, and utilizing fashion, as well as her proceeds from it, to make our world better, is one of her greatest passions. Our additional clients will be announced in October."

Announcements include a multi-year renewal with PPI for continuing kathy ireland® Sleepwear & Intimate Apparel - a partnership which has achieved over 100 million dollars in sales in its first five years. "We believed in the power of the kathy ireland® brand from day one, and it continues to gather momentum and a powerful place in the fashion industry. After years of standing on our own, it's great to be joined by leading partners in the apparel industry. We have renewed our agreement with kathy ireland® Worldwide for many years, because the brand is exquisite, and Kathy and her team are incredible, innovative people. Kathy is the real deal," said Abe Hanan , on behalf of PPI.

MIVI™, the kathy ireland® Worldwide imprint which launched with men's underwear and loungewear with PPI, is now expanding into men's jewelry with Guild Consulting, as well as handwear from fashion to utility by Stout Gloves.

kathy ireland® Worldwide 2022 fashion licensing launches include renowned manufacturer Ikeddi for bestselling sportswear, pantsuits and daytime dresses.

Bagatelle International, specializing in outerwear, special occasion dress and denim will premiere on HSN in October, and become available at Macy's, among other luxury retailers later this year. President of Bagatelle Inc. Jamie Litvack notes, "We are honored to partner with Kathy, one of the most successful and empowering female entrepreneurs of our time. As soon as we met Kathy and her team, we knew we were all in."

Siskind, one of the nation's largest brand leaders, has acquired the license for slippers.

Guild Consulting is the licensee for men and women's jewelry. Ms. Ireland acknowledges Elizabeth Taylor as her beloved friend and mentor, as well as a great inspiration in fine jewelry design.

Swim fashion leader Amerex, has acquired the license in this iconic category from kathy ireland Worldwide.

BHFO.com, a national leader in online retail, features the finest brands, including Michael Kors, Calvin Klein , and Ralph Lauren , will now add kathy ireland® to its roster of designers.

The multi-year agreements and relationships were negotiated by Lee Mandelbaum of Legacy Licensing and Price Point Buying NYC . Mr. Mandelbaum exclusively represents kathy ireland® Worldwide fashion, in tandem with long term kiWW partners, John and Marilyn Moretz of Moretz Marketing.

Rylex LLC principal, Linda Mandelbaum , represents multiple categories for kathy ireland® Worldwide, including gardening, home, fintech, and more.

"This is a spectacular time for Kathy to re-emerge into an industry in which she became a global fashion icon," says Rona Menashe , CEO of Guttman Associates, Kathy Ireland and kiWW longtime media relations representative.

New York Fashion week is held in February and September of each year. It is a semi-annual series of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press, and the general public.

One of the least-known accomplishments of kathy ireland® Worldwide is its enormous entertainment sector. kiWW is responsible for presenting the reboot of The Waltons' Thanksgiving, which will be re-broadcast on HBO this year, partnering with the 5th largest music company in the world BMG, whose artists include Tina Turner , Bruno Mars , along with 7-time Grammy Award winners Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. , stars of The Original 5th Dimension, whose "blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons" album returned the duo to the Billboard charts after an absence of nearly 40 years, and became #1 on iTunes. The music was produced by Nic Mendoza , who is in studio now with the couple, recording their second and third BMG/kathy ireland Worldwide EE1 albums. SWC/kiWW has guided the careers of Janet Jackson , Vanessa Williams , Elizabeth Taylor , Liza Minnelli , and legendary vocalist and king of the Great American Songbook, Michael Feinstein .

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