Next-Gen Bentley Bentayga Envisioned By Independent Designer With Batur Styling Cues | Carscoops

2022-09-10 07:42:42 By : Ms. vivian Yang

This story includes speculative renderings of a future Bentley Bentayga created by independent digital artist Theottle, which are neither related to nor endorsed by Bentley.

The Bentley Mulliner Batur that debuted last month is much more than a limited production special based on the Continental GT. The most powerful model in Bentley’s history introduced a new design language for the brand, which will be adopted by its future EV range. Independent digital artist Theottle took inspiration from the Batur, envisioning the next generation of the Bentayga SUV.

Infusing styling cues from a low-slung two-door grand tourer to a bulky five-door SUV is not as easy as it sounds, but everything is possible with a touch of Photoshop magic. Theottle used the Bentley Bentayga EWB Azure as a base for his digital concept with the stretched wheelbase helping out with the proportions.

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The process started by adding the Batur’s face to the luxury SUV. A set of single LED headlights replaced the dual round setup that has been a signature element for both generations of the Bentayga, maybe with excessive size. On the contrary, the larger grille and the smaller bumper intakes are welcome updates.

Moving on to the profile, it is a lot more sculpted than before, using Batur’s lines and cleaner surfacing – especially on the front fenders – while integrating the bulged rear fenders of the Bentayga. The windowline of the Batur with chrome accents is also present, forming a simper C-pillar.

Moving over at the back, the new LED taillights have been adjusted to the Bentayga’s shape and size, with a sculpted tailgate and a large blacked-out area on the rear bumper resembling a diffuser and lightening up the tail. Theottle kept the dual exhaust pipes, showing that he envisions the next Bentayga retaining a combustion engine under the bonnet.

The first generation of the Bentayga was introduced in 2015 as the production version of the radical EXP 9 F concept from 2012. A comprehensive facelift followed in 2020, serving as a base for the extended-wheelbase Bentayga EWB variant. If Bentley retains the five-year cycle of its SUV, we could see the next-gen model by 2025.

According to the latest reports, Bentley’s first EV that will arrive close to that date based on the Artemis architecture won’t adopt a crossover bodystyle, leaving all scenarios open for Bentayga’s successor. Still, Bentley has made it clear that the days of the W12 6.0-liter engine are numbered, so it’s plausible that it will be replaced by an electrified powertrain in the future Bentayga Speed, while lesser versions could also get electrification.

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