Will that yellow Marlboro Gypsy make a comeback in Highway 2?

2022-07-02 07:02:32 By : Mr. Jack Lu

Malayalam film director Jayaraj recently announced the second part of actor Suresh Gopi's superhit film 'Highway'. As the sequel to a 27-year-old film is getting ready, auto lovers have a pertinent question - will that yellow Gypsy make a comeback? The Gypsy with a Marlboro decal used by Suresh Gopi in the film was a rage among the youth then. Will the yellow Gypsy reunite with the hero in mystery action thriller 'Highway 2'? Here is what Jayaraj has to say. Vehicles in Johnnie Walker "All my films use to feature new vehicles. 'Johnnie Walker' too had a black car. It was an imported Chevrolet and had a cross on its bonnet. The arrival of drug dealers itself needed to generate fear. When it comes from afar, there will be mirage, the optical illusion that is seen commonly in deserts. Along with that there will be Enigma music. It was highly rustic, youthful representation. In the same film, there is another vehicle like a pickup van that the villain brings to the college. Its back side is open. Johnnie Walker comes on a bike. I wanted a Harley Davidson, but we couldn't get one and instead used a bike modified like a Harley," Jayaraj said.

The Gypsy in Highway "Sridhar Prasad in Highway is a highly stylized character. Therefore, he needed a freakish look in the way he smokes cigarettes and travels. We used a Gypsy, which used to be a sensation during that time. The Gypsy is usually used by task force and military. There were very few vehicles with such a pickup then. It was modified in the pattern of a rally vehicle and we used a Marlboro decal on it. The cigarette that Sridhar Prasad smokes is also Marlboro," he said.

"Such properties were used to show that the character of Sridhar Prasad is stylish in every way. In the film, the Knight Riders arrives on modified bikes that look like Harleys. All these changes along with the change in the nature and time in the film. In KGF 2, the hero is using a special vehicle, which is actually shown to represent his tough character. It is good to use latest cars of the time in films."

"There will definitely be a vehicle in the second part of 'Highway' as well. Obviously, the old Gypsy can't be used. The vehicle needs to change along with time and the character's nature. Now let it be a surprise which car it is. It’s good to have such surprises until the film is released. Anyway, there will be latest cars and bikes. That's for sure," he added.

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