Pink Lightning Matte Metallic Satin Car Film

Pearl metal vinyl 1.   Product: pink lightning satin vinyl2.   Thickness: 0.14mm3.   Weight of Liner: 120gsm4.   Size: 1.52 * 18m5.   Stretch Rate: 33+ Pascal6.   Material: PVC7. &

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Pearl metal vinyl
Pink Lightning Matte Metal Satin Car Wrap Foil
Pink Lightning Matte Metal Satin Car Wrap Foil
Pink Lightning Matte Metal Satin Car Wrap Foil
Pink Lightning Matte Metal Satin Car Wrap Foil
1.   Product: pink lightning satin vinyl
2.   Thickness: 0.14mm
3.   Weight of Liner: 120gsm
4.   Size: 1.52 * 18m
5.   Stretch Rate: 33+ Pascal
6.   Material: PVC
7.   Glue: 30g/ square ± 2g/square(importing from taiwan)
8.   Paper: 140gsm
9.   Weight: 11-13Kg
10. Temperature: -40 to +80 degree
11. Compatibility: Die cutting, car decoration, architectural decoration
12. Colors: Titanium gold, Titaniumgrey, Lake blue, Sky blue,Pink, White, Emerald, Rose gold,
Sliver, Yellow, Black,Mist blue, Sapphire green,Tiffany, Purple, Sea blue,Red

1. Q: How much vinyl does it take to wrap a car?

A: For a car with 4 seats, 15-16 meters is enough without any mistakes.  A larger car will obviously take a little more.

2. Q: What application method do we use on this film?
A: This film should be used with the dry application method after the surface has been cleaned and no oils, grease,
wax, or other contaminants are on the surface.

3. Q: How long will this vinyl last?
A: A professionally applied vehicle wrap will last between 3 and 5 years.

4. Q: Would it hurt car paint after removing?
A: Insticking fim on car body would not hurt the paint. Also, it is extremely easy to remove it. After removing, no glue,
no any residue is left on the surface on car. Car paint would remain what it look like before installation.

5. Q: How could I learn to wrap a car with this film, this is my first try?
A: We company have full experience in car wrapping, and have lots of car wrapping teaching? data and videos. We
will try our best to teach you knowledge and skill of car wrapping,and make sure you learn it.

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