Chubbies Everywear Pants Review

2022-09-03 05:10:08 By : Mr. Peter Du

The NEW Everywear pants from Chubbies are the exact product to make going back into the office more comfortable (especially if you forgot how to dress over the past two years).

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After working remotely exclusively for nearly three years, transitioning back to the office has been a process with some growing pains. Beyond adjusting to the commute and working out my temperamental sleep schedule, finding the right items to dress for the office again has been surprisingly hard. I need to find a quality shirt and pair of pants that give off a professional look. While finding a decent shirt gave me less trouble, looking for a pair of pants that were not only business casual-friendly but also comfortable was tough. Then I tried Chubbies Everywear Pants.

The Everywear Pants from Chubbies are some of the most unique pants I have ever worn. They don’t really fit into any specific category, but are somewhere between trousers and joggers. Made with a polyester spandex blend, the pants are without question flexible and stretchy. This means that when I wear them, I don’t feel held back or restricted in the same way that I usually do with other work pants. At the same time, the pants are incredibly breathable which has helped me stay cool on warmer days. However, on the outside, these pants look nearly identical to any other pair of trousers I own.

The biggest difference in them in comparison to any other pants is how absurdly comfortable they are. When I’m wearing these pants, my legs literally feel like they are floating on air. The material is soft on my skin and I don't spend all day worrying about my underwear riding up on my leg or sweating in oppressive cotton or denim. Furthermore, the pants are practically a perfect fit.

Despite not adhering to more traditional pants sizing charts which require waist and inseam sizes, the Everywear Pants fit just as well as any other pair that I have bought. While the exterior has the same classic button and zipper, the waist itself has an interior drawstring so you can adjust the pants to fit your own waist perfectly. So, no matter what size you are, these pants will fit you like a glove.

While comfort is obviously a major factor, when it comes to work attire, the most important detail is how they look. The Everywear Pants pass this test with flying colors. In fact, the pants actually look and fit better than many other pairs that I wear to work. Beyond this, the pants come in six different colors, so even if you commute to work every day, you would have a pair of Everywear Pants you could wear.

Everywear Pants are good-looking pants that fit well and are comfortable to wear, yet the advantages of the pants don’t stop there. The exterior is completely water and wrinkle resistant which is a major advantage for those of us who are both too lazy to iron our pants and clumsy enough to spill on ourselves regularly (like me). My favorite small detail on the pants is the number of small hidden pockets near the waist which is especially helpful if you don’t carry a bag with you to carry your phone, wallet, keys, and everything else.

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